Shira Avidor

Intrigued by spaces and objects that relate to a home or part of a house are portrayed as temporary and unstable in the painting. Room interiors; cots, tents, mattresses, rugs, bowls, and various objects found in a dwelling, echo an isolated and lonely place. Images of temporary objects or places become a filtered gray world where past and present and the accumulation of painted monotonous moments for long periods of time converge into one painted idea.
Invented settings mimic real places in life. Long hours spent observing actual settings of spaces and objects such as cots and tents reflect the temporary use of a bed or a house, while the scattered objects of clothes, rugs, blankets, towels bring back the more domesticated feeling to the isolated scene or interior. Visually translated through the dark spaces, subdued lights, subtle colors and a palette composed of grays, black and white with minimal color become a world of a decaying life. The ongoing dialog with the long tradition of ‘Memento Mori’ (remember your mortality) genre of painting and ‘passing time’, are mirrored through various images. These timeless, placeless, ambiguous spaces convey partial emptiness and abandonment while the idea of hominess crumbles a-part.